«When you are in the right,
you can afford to keep your cool;
and when you are wrong,
you cannot afford to lose it.»

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

Zanetti Attorneys at Law is an established
association of experienced and specialised

Our way of working:

Our professional expertise is the basis on which we create economic added value for our clients. We are pleased to be mandated with structuring tasks as early as possible, because experience shows that our work leads to the greatest benefit for our clients at this early stage of the advisory process.

In 2019, 2022 and 2023, we were named a "Top Law Firm" by Bilanz and Le Temps (2019 and 2022) resp. Bilanz and PME (2023).

We think entrepreneurially:

Due to the fact that our lawyers, notaries and tax advisors work closely with companies (and act as directors in companies), you will find us to be a constructive and entrepreneurial partner for your project. We have extensive experience in handling complex litigation in a wide range of areas of law - whether advising on corporate law, labour law, tenancy law, contract law, family law, criminal law, insurance and liability law, or in the field of social security.

Experts - also in court

Our forensic lawyers have a wealth of solid forensic experience, whether in civil litigation, criminal proceedings, arbitration or administrative procedure. Should a legal dispute be unavoidable, we represent our clients in court and strive to achieve the greatest possible profit based on our procedural expertise.